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in parts. bay. by 3:00 in the afternoon, 40s to low 50s. snumgs will drop quickly this evening and seven-day outlook that features warmer conditions. >> katie: four people have died in four separate shootings across oakland. first took place 2:30 in the afternoon. another person died oh cannon avenue and third victim after being shot on 21st street and gunfire took another victim on hillside street. officers at the scene of the first scene at 17th street. they were looking at second scene. no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. >> sonoma county sheriffs
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detectives that have identified the body. he is originally from mexico and he has lived in santa rosa and eureka and would stay with family members but was a known transient. a worker found his body at a recycling center. he did not work at novato disposal services. there were no obvious signing of trauma but they are treating it as suspicious. >> about 150 people came together. they carried banners as they marched. last night's really after a woman said she fought a would be rapist off. the victim got the word out
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about her attack through social media. some frustrated san francisco apartment residents have released surveillance videos on people that have been stealing their mail. two people were breaking in a the building. the thieves stole contents of the mailboxes. >> it's a very busy city. we have to prioritize our calls. as much as we would like to be everywhere it's very difficult. >> residents say postal inspectors would have to handle the incident since the theft was inside the mailboxes. last august, charlie attacked a mounted policeman and bit his horse ten times at crissy field. he was ordered euthanized but
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the sentence was he will give up ownership of the pit bull and animal kreol control will place him in an animal sanctuary. >> major pot busted in san jose. more than 45 pounds were seized on thursday from two homes. the raid came after a month long investigation. two people were arrested. new this morning, disgraced cyclist lance armstrong will admit to doping during a taped interview on monday. they cite anonymous sources that he will admit using performance enhancing drugs. his attorney has declined to comment on the report. the interview with oprah will air thursday on her cable
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channel. >> last year the anti-doping agency stripped him of his seventh title and banned him from life for the sport. >> 49ers are playing green bay packers tonight. they are showing the team spirit. this is the golden gate bridge, toll plaza, tolltakers are dressed up in 49er apparel. >> san francisco is glowing with 49er pride. they will be swarming with people and police. more officers than usual. they will have officers on motorcycles for traffic troll. >> and plainclothes officers and they will be wearing the green bay packer jerseys and 49er
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jerseys as well. >> reporter: if a fan does see somebody though can text us anonymously and that will be posted. >> hopefully the game will be a good time for all. >> fun city to be in. >> these friends flew in from alberta. this man is also from canada. finally a man from wisconsin. >> na, na, na, go pack go! >> i got season tickets for 40 years. >> you do not live here? >> right. >> i call that a super fan. everyone i met has tickets for
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the game. >> we're ready. >> but if you still need to buy tickets, watch out for counterfeits. the only way to guarantee them is to buy it from a reputable vendor. they are talking about resell websites. 49er fans continue to show off their pride. sporting niner jerseys and motorcycle that caught up with them. e-mail your photos at ureport. we'll be posting them another we be posting them at >> you heard lisa argen forecasting low temperatures. when you head outside you'll know what the numbers feel like.
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live in petaluma. has the frost melted off the cars yet? >> good morning. you would think it had melted off and actually this is my felt. i touched it to see if it was melting. as lisa said, the sun is coming out. look, it's covered. overnight low was 27. it is 34 right now. pretty good. the sun is glorious and still a chilly 34. take a look at video across the bay. in berkeley, people were preparing overnight frost at botanical gardens, they were covering most extensive collections in the world. everyone knows, a sweater donation program is to helping
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protect animals. you are might not have thought of this. if you are protecting your home. something you may need to buy. take a listen. >> ant sprays because when it is cold the ants come into your house. >> reporter: ants, take a look at this and get used to it. the national weather service has issued a freeze watch. freezing temperatures that could kill your plants. get used to seeing the frost and ice on the cars. on this date, in 2009 napa county airport reported a high temperature of 80 degrees.
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thank you. next, dark kneilt rises in petaluma. who is this? direct line to mark
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>> katie: good morning. thanks for joining us. you are looking at live doppler 7. as you can see it is dry out there. no rain in the forecast but cold and dry. track the storm with live doppler 7-hd at
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a public memorial will be held this morning for the petaluma teenager that disappeared after a music festival in south lake tahoe. they found the body in a snowbank. an autopsy did not cause determine the cause of death. a public memorial is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. in petaluma. people in her hometown learned she was missing in parts because of the efforts of petaluma batman. what he does to help others. sergio quintana reports from petaluma. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: for the last few weeks, this character has been
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scooting through the streets in petaluma on a mission. >> this has taken a hold of and i thought it was kind of neat. >> at night, keeps an eye on the city. >> i don't, if i see something i call the cops. >> high has fairly regular battles with petaluma joker and orville answer. it all started as a dare with a facebook profile. >> then, all of a sudden here we are. >> on his page he spoke about charitable organizations and other events. earlier this month he posted
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flyers around town. she was a classmate of his. >> during the search phase for her, he was there to help. >> i don't know who he is. whatever he is doing, that is what petaluma needs. we need a hero right now. >> we know his true identity but we are keeping it confidential. he is 19-year-old student with a day job and right now. this is a lot of fun. >> how long do you think you are going to keep doing this? >> until i wake up and i say to myself, it's not funny anymore. as long as poe influence. >> i had a conversation with petaluma shift sergeant, he has only seen him once and he considers him pretty innocuous. any time they want to offer tips they are very much welcome.
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>> katie: facebook is testing a $100 charge that would allow users to send a facebook message directly into mark zuckerberg's in-box. the company is testing a one dollar messaging charge that would guaranteed the delivery of notes to non-friend. >> an investor group led by patrick dempsey now owns tulley's coffee. the company associated with starbucks had filed an objection. it's going to be need need more than a his star power because the chain filed for bankruptcy last year. >> a hot could cup of coffee could be welcome in the sierra
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because it is cold. here is highway 50 at myers. chp is requiring chain on most vehicles traveling from twin bridges. interstate 80 do not have any chain restrictions right now. higher el visions in the mid 20s. pleasanton was 19. >> mid and upper 30s. still in the north bay, upper 20s. we'll talk about the freeze watch and when we're going to see rain coming up. >> also next, the warriors three >> also next, the warriors three to get back on track. hey america, even though she doesn't need them,
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the depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. >> katie: 8:20 and you are looking live at san mateo bridge. a beautiful day out there but don't be fooled it is not warm. temperatures where you are looking, hovering around freezing. that is not the only place. lisa argen is here with a look at your forecast. >> lisa: sunrise is 7:25 and
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even at 8:00 readings still in the upper 20s. if you head outside right now. its beautiful shot from mount tam with all the sunshine. it will warm us up eventually but 5-9 degrees below average. we're talking about above average of percentage of normal for this date. that means we're fine with rainfall totals. that is good thing because wait until you see the 7 day outlook. live doppler showing the sweep on top of mount st. helena not picking up any precipitation. dry and cold weekend. north bay, still 28 degrees up in sonoma county, 29 in napa. 40 in downtown san francisco. and higher elevations had temperatures in the mid 20s this morning. upper 20s were common in the
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livermore valley. concord at 29. 37 at half moon bay. by about 6 degrees it's colder in the east bay but are warm enough by the delta and national weather service has cancelled the freeze warning about midnight last night. freeze watch in effect for tonight into sunday morning and perhaps monday morning, as well. we have cold nights and mornings that will stick around for the next couple of days. sunny and cool over the weekend with dry and milder weather by the middle of the week and by the end of the week. we should be just about average for this time of year but with no rain for the next 7 days. our ten day outlook still showing dry conditions. we have had a couple of systems under cut the ridge of high pressure and that has allowed wind and keep the numbers up in some spots.
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cold from north to south. that minus 10 at tahoe valley airport. 26 for the afternoon high. 34 in yosemite. we will be looking at high temperatures ranging from a cold 48 degrees in livermore to 49 in san rafael. 51 in santa rosa and palo alto. 52 in san jose. 60 degrees along the central coast and notice temperatures here, just back in the lower 50s. 50 in hollister everybody is waiting tonight for the niners to do it with upper 40s at 5:00. mid 40s at 8:00. gee we gain another minute of daylight for tomorrow. overnight lows, more 20s and mid 20s in some spots. 33 in san jose. freeze watch tonight, cold
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morning for monday as well and then look for a little milder conditions for tuesday and wednesday and perhaps low 60s around the bay. >> katie: toasty. thank you. in sports, 49ers and packers play in the n.f.c. playoff game at candlestick. last night the warriors tried to stap a two game losing strike against portland. >> good morning. warriors built a big lead and then trying to put out the fire, damian willard, this kid grew up in oakland and put on a show. filled with family and friends, he took barnes. there he is with the alley-oop. here is one to barnes with authority! warriors were cruising here comes damien willard.
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smoldering! in ten straight shots. way downtown. 37 points for willard. down to a 4-point lead and warriors holding off 103-97. >> 49ers host the green bay packers kind of unusual. colin kaepernick grew up rooting for the packers. rojers was a big 49er fan. kap was born in milwaukee. his extended family lived in new london, wisconsin. kaepernicks they love the packers but they are pulling for the red and gold. >> but family comes first.
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there is no way i'm conflicted. i know who i want to win. >> larry: remember the 2005 draft, rejers will never forget that day, they picked alex smith. rough start to this season. combination of those factors allowed the niners to finish half a game ahead of green bay and that is part of the reason why san francisco has home field for this game. >> it will be fun with a few baseball games growing up and saw a game when i was in college. it's got a lot of tradition. it will be loud and great environment. >> larry: secondly round of the sony open rainbow good shot of the day. second shot, 155 yards out. three bounces and it is going, going, gone!
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eagle. here is a bogey 3. eagle on 18. six under 64 he tied for second. that is wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> katie: coming up next, a surge of activity at flu klichbs and new warning for women as thieves get violent in an effort
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>> katie: cdc says a nationwide flu outbreak is spreading. california is green has not been hit yet. the outbreak is worse highlighted in red. heather ishimaru shows us what
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is being done to prevent a major outbreak here. >> these flu vaccines are last available at kaiser fafls. >> there are certain types of the vaccine we have no longer available. >> there is still enough available to pharmacies and doctors' offices but they have use most of the 3.5 million doses purchased by the hospital. >> we are looking to find vaccine that is still available on the market. most of flu vaccine have been purchased in this country. >> there have been four deaths so far in california. 20 children have died from the flu nationwide. cdc estimates there is about 24,000 deaths a year. it's severe is eastern states
8:30 am
but california has relatively few cases. >> tom has never in his life had a flu shot as doctors express urgent care he decided to do it. >> my son got really sick. his dad, i'm deathly ill, he was sick for three days and was time for me to get vaccinated. >> i it's a matter of time. the doctor has a prevention kit to go along with frequent handwashing. there is evidence that it can help. >> i can tell you i am taking it. >> it's too late in the flu season to have any more vaccine made and make any difference. >> katie: if your family needs to get flu shots we have a list
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of resources at new this morning, president obama is talking about a timetable for ending involvement in the war in afghanistan. president has invited hamid karzai to the white house to discuss an exit strategy in the coming months. he'll announce the next phase of the drawdown by the end of 2014, america's war in afghanistan will be over with plenty of work to be done at home. >> we need to rebuild is our own. as we do, we have to take care of our troops and veterans who fought in our name. we have to grow our economy and shrink our deficits, create new jobs. we have to fix our infrastructure and immigration system. we have to protect our planet from the destructive effects of climate change and protect our
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children from the horrors of gun violence. the republican response calls forereducing the deficit by cutting social programs while preserving the nation's military. >> joe biden met with a group from the video game industry yesterday wrapping up a week of conferences about gun safety. many of the games of redwood shores have glamorized gun industry. >> it has shocked the industry of the american people like six and seven-year-old kids being riddled with bullets in a classroom in a neighborhood that was considered to be immune to this kind of behavior. >> katie: the vice president will deliver recommendations on curbing gun violence to
8:33 am
president obama by tuesday. a central valley high school student shot by a classmate is in intensive care but the 16-year-old high school student is expected to survive. a vigil was held last night where the shooting took place in the small town west of bakersfield. 16-year-old gunman begin firing with a .12 gauge shotgun. he fired at a second student and missed and teacher was able to talk him down. >> everyone was helping each other. >> police say the two victims were targeted bus the shooter says he had been bullied by them. >> new this morning, a carwash fund-raiser is planned for 9:00 in san jose to help a family that lost three members in an apartment fire. the december 29th fire killed
8:34 am
the two and four-year-old granddaughter. proceeds raised at the restaurant a monterey road will help to pay for final costs. a series of violent attacks on women in san francisco is prompting new warnings about using your cellphone in public. last year half of all robberies involved stealing an electronic device. this woman walking along polk street was texting and not looking up. it's inattention that makes people vulnerable to thieves. >> some guy dame came through the neighborhood walking real fast and swiped it out of our hands. >> they posted this on the window. it warns people that cellphone thieves have been active in the area. we heard it and called the police and it was pretty scary.
8:35 am
>> those occurred within days of another one. tuesday another woman was attacked for her phone. the thief used a stun gun. >> approached the victim and stunned her in the face. demanded her phone. phone fell to the ground and he stunned her once again in the chest. >> a police officer says they have a description of that man and police are looking for him. all the thefts happened during daylight hours. many such recycles have been on muni. this shows a man sitting behind a woman as the vehicle stops, he grabs her phone. another theft shows this man standing by the doors who grabs a woman's phone. many women are taking precautions. >> i don't use the phone at night. >> sometimes on the bus, i take
8:36 am
my cellphone out but it's a risk. >> they say half of all robberies involved electronic devices. many of the robberies could be prevented if people pay attention to their surroundings. >> a name you may not know now but you will know on oscar night. youngest girl to be nominated as best actress. taking a look at emeryville. clear blue skies. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> katie: welcome back. it's 8:39 on this gorgeous and cold saturday morning. you are looking at about 40 degrees in san francisco where you are looking live at coit
8:39 am
tower. can't tell that the sun is up but coit tower many of the land marks lit up in red for the 49ers game in san francisco. if you are heading to candlestick, bundle up and get ready for a good game and cold temperatures. movie history was made when the oscar nominations were announced. a little girl is youngest best actress nominee ever. >> she may be new to acting but she is accustomed to accepting aaccolades. >> as hush puppy in the beast. it makes your heart beast faster. from sheer rapture with herself.
8:40 am
>> without a mother, with a desperately ill dad. finding her way in the chaos and community of a louisiana out post called the bathtub. before and after a flood of epic proportion. ♪ ♪ >> she had never acted professionally before auditioning for the film. >> i was kind of nervous. i was too young. >> the director himself an oscar nominee and picked her to play hush puppy. >> how am i going to do this? >> it's kind of hard because i barrel knew hardly how to read. >> oddly hopeful showcases her
8:41 am
courage and the fortitude of the actress who plays her. i can see who wins on sunday february 24th when the oscar winners are announced live. turning our attention, it's beautiful. you would think it's a lovely summer day. >> lisa: we had plenty of 30s out there. san francisco in the 40s. here is a live look outside and it does look nice but it's going to time to warm up. rain and when we'll see the 60s return. >> silicon valley car technology we'll take a driverless car for a test drive and show how it gets in and out of a tight spot. and scientific spot you are what you eat. what is in
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> katie: welcome back. you are looking live from emeryville toward berkeley. blue skies, it is clear and dry and crisp. maybe an understatement. east bay looking at temperatures around 37. pretty average for the bay area right now. average for the different areas and it's not going to warm up that much and there will be freeze watch later tonight. hunker down, bundle up. it will be a chilly one out there this morning. the self-driving car may still be years away but development is making driving safer and easier. david louie shows us some
8:45 am
examples. >> we can all relate to this. returning to a parking lot we find the cars boxed in making even impossible to open the door. but technology can solve it. sensors built in the bumpers can move the car out of the tight spot. there is a long range vision to make self-driving cars, audi is working on the technology. >> in very predictable situations, we can allow on what is happening with the car. >> audi is part of the group that runs this electronics lab in silicon valley. more than a hundred engineers are working on prototypes and working on feedback from consumers. here is another dpp. squeezing into a fight spot in
8:46 am
garage. engineers believe drivers need to ease into it and when to intervene. >> the you introduce this technology, we don't know quite know if the person knows how to takeover immediately. we want to make sure that people have the experience and practice of being able to take over when they need to. >> research such as this is usually done in secret but this excites the public about the future. automotive industry but may give engineers here in the vale to rethink about their careers and working on the future of the automobile. >> katie: lisa argen is in with your forecast. better explain what i was saying how cold it was outside. >> we are entering what we are
8:47 am
calling a mid winter dry spell. next seven days, but out ten days and see no rain. things could change. we'll check back as the forecast models come out. we check various ones to get your live forecast. live view from mount tam showing clear density and we have our own radar on top of mount st. helena showing that they are working and we are not picking up any precipitation. certainly cold and we are looking for a colder night tonight. still numbers below freezing from santa rosa and concord. livermore, 31. 33 in redwood city as well as los gatos and san jose. 37 on the coast with 40 in san francisco. we are cold er this morning in most spots except for to the wind, allowing for a windchill
8:48 am
factor and log if the livermore valley and just enough cloud cover to allow the national weather service to cancel the freeze warning. tonight we got the freeze watch in effect so temperatures even colder and we'll be looking at numbers hovering below freezing in many locations as the string of cold nights continues into monday morning. sunny and cool for the rest of the weekend and drier and milder weather heading our way by wednesday. end of the workweek we're looking at 60s. so right where it is average from early to mid-january. water imagery and huge dome out in the eastern pacific and this is dominating our weather. we are looking at few areas of some of these weak systems undercutting the ridge and that is what happened last flight. precip by the delta allowing for cloud cover to keep our temperatures not quite as cold as we thought.
8:49 am
going from minus 10 in lake tahoe to 26. 49 in fresno. you have to do the face mask in the sierras. >> and san rafael. 49. 51 in palo alto. along the central coast. only 50s. 51 in monterey. this afternoon, niners do or die 48 degrees 5:00 with numbers dropping through the 40s. sun sets at 5:12 it will be cold and clear conditions. we'll look for overnight lows, colder than we had this morning. upper 20s but higher elevations we had plenty of mid 20s. expect that again. 30 at the coastguard. here is the seven-day forecast, freeze watch for the entire bay area tonight. still a cold morning on monday.
8:50 am
tuesday and wednesday milder and warming up by the end of next week. >> katie: it's hard to imagine to be warm when you are so cold. >> this is one of those rare times when the bay area's forecast coincides with what other people experience during winter. our microclimates make it of the few places in the world with different climates at once. that is what we are exploring and ex explaining this weekend. >> microclimates are changing. our weather is upside-down and coldest months are off set. >> katie: the "abc 7 news" special, inside bay area weather airs tomorrow evening at 6:30 here on abc7. a bay area start-up is asking for unusual contradictions from the public.
8:51 am
the idea is to peek in your body and surprise you with the results. carolyn johnson has the details. >> for jessica, microbes are a look into your body. >> everything in your gut is eating what you eat. >> she is talking about what lives in our stomachs. a community known as microbion. they helped unveil a genetic map help identify all the bacteria present. they believe knowing which organisms are there and what they are doing can tell us a lot. >> there is wide range of diseases. from obesity to diabetes. >> they are launching a start-up gutted level on gene sequencing
8:52 am
companies. associate director believes the project could pay off. >> they are turning into science in into this. >> they will receive a quit and send back samples. they hope to provide valuable clues. >> you are eating more carbss this than you think you are. or are you are drinking a lot of caffeine. >> it could be compared to other databases as it advances benefiting both individuals and the scientific community and unlocking the mysteries in our own bodies. she says that is not the only innovation. it's being funding by cloud sous can. they have signed up 350 people
8:53 am
in few weeks. we have more information for you on our website at >> coming up next, history will be made in tonight's miss america's pageants. the d
8:54 am
8:55 am
the next miss america will be crowned tonight but one contestant is making history. miss montana is the first contestant diagnosed with autism. she is considered highly functioning but she was ridiculed in school because of speech impediment. >> i was a loner. i would stay in my room for hours not wanting to talk to anyone. it's not the same girl you saw ten years ago. i have overcome so many symptoms. >> she credits her family become more comfortable with herself and that enabled her to get out. >> you can see how she does tonight at 9:00 right here on abc7. something else i can expect to
8:56 am
see tomorrow bart riders to be a bit underdressed. they will not be wearing pants. they have declared tomorrow to be the day for the 12th annual no pants subway ride. it will start boarding around noon with a group photo around san francisco city hall at 1:45. last year there were reportedly 6 high school people that took part. stunts first begin in new york city and now takes place on transit systems worldwide. check it out. avoid it if you want. >> 50 degrees tomorrow. but 1:45 and today about the same. 50 degrees. we're on our way to cooler than average temperatures. 52 in san jose. that freeze watch tonight likely will be transformed into a freeze warning and frost advisory. upper 20s to about 40 degrees in san francisco overnight.
8:57 am
another cold morning on monday. we finally moderate mid-week getting up to normal by thursday and friday. you notice the string of sunny days. dry weather continues. >> katie: thank you so much. thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. we continue at 5:00 p.m.. have a great day.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. welcome to "wild countdown." everyone knows sharks are ruthless killers, always on the hunt for innocent swimmers, right? oh! wrong. sharks don't deserve their homicidal reputation... i got a shark's tooth. and neither do stingrays, wolves or snakes. >> we're gonna collect the venom. >> oh, that gives me the chills. today i'm going to reveal the truth about these misunderstood creatures and others. >> we'd be swimming in insects if we didn't have bats. >> and later, my blooper!of the! i could have had a heart attack, sue. so if you've ever wondered what the heck is a

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